Eco Future Poly kits


Eco Future is a company specialising in the manufacture of high-efficiency solar photovoltaic panels.With cell efficiency of up to 17.4% and an output tolerance of +/-3%, Eco Future panels are designed to offer high efficiency and reliability; reinforced with a 10 year manufacturing warranty, underwritten by Chubb, and a 25 year performance warranty.Giving consistently high performance in low-light and low temperature situations, Eco Future panels are ideal for the UK.


Array Format


Below is the layout of this PV Kit


Kit Components


Eco Future 250 kW Poly Panels


Omniksol 1.5k/4kW TL Inverter


Kraus & Naimer DC Isolator


Kraus & Naimer AC Isolators


25m x Solar PV Cable 4mm


Landis & Gyr Generation Meter


Set of Solar PV Warning Labels


Pack (5 pairs) Multi Contact/MC4 Connectors (Male and Female)


Clenergy 4.2m Silver Anodised Rail


Clenergy PRO/01 Standard Roof Hooks (based on 1200mm spacing)


Clenergy Silver Slice Pairs


Clenergy 40mm Mid Clamps - Black Anodised


Clenergy 40mm End Clamps - Black Anodised


Clenergy Rail End Caps - Black

  • Mounting system: on-roof (pantile as standard)
  • 250 kW Poly silver Panels
  • Wiring connections for panels & modules
  • Pair of MC4 connectors
  • Omnik 1.5k TL Inverter
  • Kraus & Naimer AC & DC isolators
  • Landis & Gyr Single Phase Generating meter
  • Installation guide and Handbook
  • Warning labels




Twenty five year warranty on power output. Ten year manufacturing guarantee.


Ten year warranty on mounting system.


Ten year warranty on inverter


Railing systems conform to all MCS012 Standard, hasTUV and RAL certification and is produced in an ISO 9001 approved factory.




The electrical, optical and mechanical components of the panels are each tested to specific relevant standards