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  • Get a decision on an application within 3 hours
  • Provide 100% finance No deposit needed
  • Provide Finance with no security needed
  • Sigh a customer up the same day
  • Pay a supplier the next day
  • Pay a supplier before delivery
  • Pay stage payments if required



Solar Finance And Loans

We are in partnership with nationwide Finance and bring u great deals and fund all types of green energy renewables from solar panels, wind turbines and and much more. Credit checks will be needed as the amounts involved are quite high and having collateral will go in your favor.


People normally take out loans between £3000 too £8000 for an installation and get about 10% back a year on there loan so £300 and £800 back a year and a further 40% too 60% on your electricity bills.


Send us your contact details name and phone number and a brief description of what energy renewable you wish to finance we will get a sale's team member to call you right back.

Home Loans

Making your home more energy efficient and help with bringing down cost's is becoming more and more apparent these days.

People see higher electricity bills and some times a little extra help with a loan is needed to improve your home and bring in some cash with solar panels.


Business Loans

Keeping your business in profit and reducing cost is on every body's mind and no more so for the boss's that have wages to pay, rent to pay, water rates, stock the list can go on. There are some big roofs out there why not make the most of this give us a ring or send us your details and lets work on making you money.